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                        LAURIE GOWLAND

    I met Laurie Gowland through a mutual friend when I was searching for an artist to paint the cover art for Warrior of the Son. She has created the covers for Warrior of the Son, Priests of Moloch, The Fields of Clon Miarth, and Fire From the Earth.  She is a gifted artist with talents in diverse media. Her insight and skill has produced the remarkable covers that grace my books.  

I sold my first sculpture and took my first commissions for drawings as a junior high student, and have been creating and selling art ever since. I received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree form North Texas State University, and am currently teaching art at an elementary school, as well as doing guest artist work for the Fort Worth Art museums. I do commission artwork in a variety of media including, glass, clay, bronze, paper, graphite, colored pencil, watercolor, and acrylic. I have created works on paper, canvas, ostrich eggs, t-shirts, furniture, trailers, and murals. In glass, I created works for houses, businesses, churches, and schools. My favorite medium is bronze and I have done a number of works for individuals as well as some large public works in Denton, Texas. My favorite subject is horses and my four horses frequently show up in my work.”

Laurie Gowland

To see some of Laurie's work, click here.