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Warrior of the Son

Reviewer: Joyce Handzo

Warrior of the Son triumphantly enters the realm of Christian fantasy! Richly created with spiritually inspired imagination, this book is certain to hold an honored position in this genre. 

Julian Antony Vorenius is both a mighty warrior and a humble servant. Although his sword dances with unerring accuracy, his heart steadfastly holds the teachings of the One True God, Iosa Christus. Fourteen-year-old Evan MacKeth soon finds his life securely bound up with Julian’s as the King seeks both of them for alleged political and religious crimes. Seeking refuge in the desolation of the Iarlaithe Mountains, time passes, bringing with it Julian’s desire to reenter the battles of his God and Evan’s vow of vengeance on those who harmed him. Their differing goals lead to their separation, yet their lives are powerfully linked together in the Lord.

Author Samuel Schiller upholds the classic traditions of this genre, providing readers with a true taste of creativity and Christianity. The setting and the characters walk a perfect balance between reality and fantasy, as these elements smoothly engage the reader in the story. The Christian principles enter with a quiet and distinctive authority and provide a sharp contrast to the priesthood of Moloch. Religious and political issues lay the foundation for the opposing mindsets and the resulting clashes. 

A chilling sense of suspense abounds, as goblins and an unnamed terror stalks the main characters. Evil is slowly revealed in quick glimpses that promise a later and more thorough unveiling. This first book in the series offers an enticing and complete introduction to these memorable characters and their land of fantasy, while hinting at even more spectacular things to come in future installments. 

Samuel Schiller has created a marvelous world with words that is certain to speak to readers long after the last page is turned!

"Warrior of the Son" is the story of a young boy Evan, sent to stay with his mother for the summer. While there he becomes acquainted with Julian, who calls himself a Warrior of the Son and a follower of Iosa Christus. Circumstances conspire and Evan is forced to flee for his life along with Julian from his half brother Osric, who is being manipulated by the priesthood of Moloch. As they live in hiding Julian teaches Evan the way of a warrior and the way of Iosa Christus. Goblins bring them out of hiding and they are separated, this time each choosing to go their own way. Evan sets himself on a path of vengeance, intent on destroying Osric. But along the way Evan discovers the one true God might just have a different path for him to follow.

There is a strong Christian message in this book. Samuel Schiller does a great job of allowing Evan's character to develop from a spoiled boy to an angry young man to a warrior. This allows him to show us that even though we might believe in the One True God, it does not make us perfect. The story itself is well written and the plot is well planned, though uncomplicated. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good Christian fantasy book.

CSFFC Ratings:
Teen Friendly: A
Christian Message: A
Crude or Profane language: A
Drug or Alcohol: A
Sexual Content: A
Writing: A

JoEtta Dingman
Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Central Reviewer

IN THE LIBRARY REVIEWS - www.inthelibraryreviews.net
Priests of Moloch
Sequel to Warrior of the Son
Rating: 9
Reviewer: Joyce Handzo

Rich in imagination and spiritual insights, Priests of Moloch is an exciting offering! Samuel Schiller continues the story started in Warrior of the Son, leading readers a little deeper in this world of fantasy and ever closer to some wonderful truths.
Although the dreaded Glamorth perished, Evan MacKeth paid a high price for that victory. His body and mind still bear the scars of the battle, making his recovery a slow and painful process. While Aine Ceaillaigh brings light and love to his days, the forces of evil gather in darkness. A mystery leads to madness, and forces Evan to confront the deadly powers at the risk of his own life.
Excellent writing and an intriguing plot keep these pages turning faster than a goblin’s sword! The element of fantasy lends an imaginative touch to the story as it invites readers to enter a wonderful new realm. Through insightful dialogue, the motivations of the characters are revealed, which also highlights some exciting spiritual principles. The gentle romance between Evan and Aine serves as a reminder of love and its never failing power. Yet, in the background, conspiracies and treacheries quietly develop to be released at the right time and place. The conclusion is a rousing collision of good and evil, that satisfies while smoothly providing a gateway for future installments of this series.
Samuel Schiller places Christian precepts within a clever plot, carefully allowing the characters to guide readers through a land of fantasy, which mirrors a world of faith. Action, adventure and a stirring sense of victory lie snugly within the covers of this book.

By Heather Fitzgerald  


Book Review: Warrior of the Son

When young Evan MacKeth watches his mother’s murder at the hands of his half-brother Osric, bitterness takes up residence like an insidious monster. Although he himself is a wanted, hunted man on the run, Evan is plotting a return to his homeland and vengeance for his mother’s death.

Never mind that his mentor and companion, Julian Antony Vorenius, is a follower of The One True God, and is urging Evan to find forgiveness in Iosa Christus so that he can forgive his brother. Never mind that he has been pursued by trolls and demons and finds himself calling out to this One True God for help!
Evan MacKeth is driven by his anger; driven to be the best sword fighter, driven to return to the castle and marry his childhood sweetheart, driven to avenge his mother’s murder. He will not know peace and satisfaction with anything less than this ideal. It takes him into exile across strange lands and propels him through many trials. He rehearses his pain and his plan over and over until it resounds like a pulse in the very fiber of his being. 

Author Samuel Schiller has written a medieval tale with all of the gallantry and danger of other well loved fantasy books. Warrior of the Son, the first in his series of Gothic stories, will be a thrilling read for the young person in your home that loves a good adventure laced with the language, legends and chivalry of King Arthur’s day.

Mr. Schiller offers up a bevy of characters, castles, peril, and creepy opponents. What he also offers is truth. Laced with scripture, this tale is honest in its look at what bitterness will do to a person without being preachy about God’s antidote to the problem. The consequences of harboring hatred bear out in a natural way. 

The story is not for young readers, as it deals with some mature themes here and there. (For instance: Evan is the illegitimate son of the reigning king). The issues are handled tactfully and only touched on briefly. The flowery language would likely be a challenge for younger readers as well.

Take a look at all of Mr. Schiller’s exciting stories by clicking here. I think you will be pleased to find an author who can provide the exploits that fantasy readers crave without glorifying the dark side. Rather, Mr. Schiller makes it clear that the truth of scripture is for all men at all time, and in any situation!