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For 14-year-old Evan MacKeth, the arrival of Julian Antony Vorenius at the Fief in O’Byrne seems to promise a welcome respite from the boredom of another summer spent with his mother.  Instead, Evan finds himself a hunted fugitive, driven into the desolation of the Iarlaithe Mountains by his half-brother Osric and the Priesthood of Moloch. 

Exiled in a hidden valley, Evan grows to young adulthood under the protection and tutelage of Julian, who teaches the bitter, angry boy the way of the warrior and the mysterious truths about the One True God, Iosa Christus, and the Warriors He calls into battle.  

But then the goblins come, and the pair finds themselves back in Glenmara where Evan’s desire for vengeance separates him from his mentor. Alone, he sets himself on the path to kill his half-brother, now High King Osric and to reunite with his childhood sweetheart, Ivrian Ceallaigh.   

Yet powerful forces are pulling him in the opposite direction, and soon Evan realizes that his path must lead to a blue-eyed girl named Aine and a terrifying battle against a creature from the very heart of darkness.

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Warrior of the Son Study Guide 

The Study Guide provides the following exercises for students:

Vocabulary: Significant words of varying complexities and usage are included in the Vocabulary section of each chapter. This allows students to study the words in manageable blocks as they complete the reading.  

Word Studies: Word Studies from each chapter go beyond simple definition and usage to cover historical perspectives and give the student a broader context of terms and how they apply to actual historical periods. Although Warrior of the Son is a work of fantasy, much of its fictional world is based upon models from real life. Word Studies provide a deeper understanding, not only of the relationships within the story, but of history as well.  

Relationships: Throughout the text, discussion of relationships between characters, their approach to the social, political, and religious influences surrounding them, their motivations, goals and desires, are provided by way of simple questions.   

Biblical Principles: In each chapter, a Scriptural focus is assigned for study and discussion.  

Literature and Writing skills: Student essays provide the opportunity to explore the overall message of the book and allow students to share their views.

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Vanquished through Faith, Obedience and the Power of the One True God, the Glamorth is no more, but Evan MacKeth is unprepared for the cost of victory. Crippled from his terrible wounds, he languishes in the palace, where his only solace comes from the bright eyes and soft smile of Aine Ceaillaigh.  

But Shadows begin to stir. The hand of darkness moves from many quarters, and a terrifying mystery threatens to destroy everything Evan has come to love.

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Rebellious Dukes make a bloody bid to seize the kingdom. King Osric Murchadha and a handful of loyal followers hold fast the fortifications of the Sceir Naid while chaos spreads throughout the land. Amidst the beginnings of civil war, Aine Ceallaigh is kidnapped by Eowulf Fitzwarren, and an intrepid band attempts a desperate rescue.  

Yet beyond the selfish ambition of man, a deeper evil threatens Glenmara; the Red Goblin Klabaga turns his wrath against the world of human-men. On the rolling meadows of Clon Miarth he pits himself against Evan MacKeth in a battle to decide the future of both goblins and men.  

Torn between the desire of his heart and the Will of Almighty God, Evan must make a terrible choice, upon which rests the fate of the entire kingdom.

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Called by the One True God to Nezadsahr, the dark City of Blood, Evan MacKeth is prepared for hardship and danger. But he is not prepared for the treachery of the young girl to whom he tries to bring the witness of Iosa Christus. Enslaved and sold into the living death of the sulphur mines his fate becomes inextricably entwined with the girl who betrayed him, the slaver who plans his ransom, and the mighty Khan of Xulanct.

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Civil War rages across Glenmara. Forces prepare for the battle that will decide the fate of the kingdom. Amidst the sinister plots of Moloch's High Priest, Anwend Halfdane faces an old enemy, and young Martin Reamon must make a decision that will define the remainder of his life. In the midst of impending disaster, Aine Ceallaigh gathers a group of redoubtable warriors for a final stand against impossible odds, and the measured tread of marching legions echoes across the war-torn land.

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THE GOBLIN HUNTERS             BOOK SIX                                                            At the command of High King Osric, The Queen's Own Legion marches to the deserts of Xulanct. Aine Ceallaigh and her Maidens take up the Cross and begin a harrowing journey through the Iarlaithe Mountains where their fates intertwine with those of Martin Reamon, Braslav Tlapinski, and Anwend Halfdane. Evan MacKeth follows the Call of Almighty God toward an uncertain future, and the Red Goblin Klabaga gathers allies for a decisive battle against the world of men.                                                          

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