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In addition to my books, I also offer a line of historical wooden swords.  Constructed of wood, these weapons are based on actual historical patterns and come with a brief history and overview. Currently I offer the following types:

Roman Gladius - $20.00

Greek Kopis - $15.00

Bronze Age Sword - $15.00

Roman Spatha - $20.00

Saxon Sword - $20.00

Viking Sword (Early and Late period) - $ 20.00 each

Norman Sword - $20.00

Hand and a Half Sword - $25.00

13th Century Sword - $25.00

Viking Bearded Axe - $12.00

Poniard - $10.00

Swords are generally made of Red Oak, while the Viking Bearded Axe is made of laminate (plywood) for durability. These wooden weapons are perfect for light sparring and will bring joy to the heart of any young warrior (older ones as well!) 

Due to the prohibitive cost of shipping, these weapons will only be sold at the venues I attend each year (please check Events for  an updated list. )If you would like to purchase a sword and arrange pick-up, this can easily be arranged.