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Historical Fiction?

Well, not really. That’s not to say I haven’t dabbled in such areas. In High School I wrote the first part of a novel about the First Crusade and I still have the hand-written disaster in a dusty file drawer. It is filled with flaws, not the least of which is the tendency of authors to put modern thoughts into the minds of ancient peoples. But if I ever do write that novel, I will endeavor to stay true to the culture, morals, and faith of the characters as they pertain to the 11th Century. Therein lies another problem with Historical Fiction, especially pertaining to the Medieval period and before; if the author manages to really capture the period and frame the characters in the proper regard, we might not like some of the ideas and mores to which they subscribe. 

But times change and people change. Until modern times there were no protests concerning the slaughter of whales during the long history of whaling. Worldwide attitudes about slavery have changed slowly, and in some places, not at all. Even so, the modern attitude about human bondage is markedly different than it was even 200 years ago, much less during the Middle Ages or before. Historical Fiction requires a tremendous amount of research and diligence to properly and convincingly convey the thoughts, attitudes, and aspirations of pre-modern peoples. 

So what does any of this have to do with my books? Well, although I have created a fantasy world, I seek to create a vision, portray a historical reality within this world. Within my Warrior of the Son series the reader will find cultures, institutions, architecture, and peoples that mirror our own ancient past. Though I am not bound by time-lines, dates, specific geography, or even the precise cultural conventions of the Medieval Era, my works still contain references to all those things as they pertain to the history of our world. The reader is introduced to a vast array of recognizable civilizations, ancient wonders of the world, military units, weapons, tactics, the politics of power and religion, as well as the simple and forthright faith in God that I believe our forebears possessed. I have researched these historical facts and placed them within my imaginary world to produce a richer tapestry and a more believable experience for the reader.

Still, my works are Fantasy. Goblins and trolls stalk the land. Good and Evil engage in a terrifying conflict that threatens all of civilization. Well, some of it is Fantasy. Some of it goes on right before our eyes.